Raffle Terms & Conditions

Handmade Item Notice

These keycaps are 100% hand made. They have been sculpted by hand, molds made by hand, and resin colored and poured by hand. Because of this each keycap is unique, although a color-way shares a common theme.
  • You may not receive a keycap exactly as pictured.
  • Your keycap may contain an imperfection, however we do pride ourselves with high quality assurance.

Single Entry Notice

Regardless of the release or release format entries are limited to one (1) per raffle. Duplicate or fraudulent entries will be removed and will be recorded.

Unidentified Species Releases

These are special releases with limited entry requirements. To enter an Unidentified Species (further referred to as USR) release you MUST be another keycap artisan. All participants will be verified prior to executing the raffle.

The keycaps in a USR are not perfect. They are the results of experiments in technique or color-way that will not make it into production but are otherwise a great keycap! I would rather GIVE THEM AWAY to other artists than throw them in the trash bin and waste them.

A USR is 100% free*. Payment Terms DO NOT APPLY.

* On occasion we may ask for assistance with shipping internationally, but it is not required.

Public Releases

Public Releases (further referred to as PR) are open to all who wish to enter. Available keycaps and color-ways will either be single entry single win or single entry multiple win depending on the PR format. This will be noted before making your color-way selection.

Winning Entrant Selection

Entrants will be selected at random for a chance to win their selected keycap(s).

Payment Terms

Upon raffle completion you will receive an invoice for the keycap(s) you have won.

Invoices must be payed within 12 hours of receipt, non-paying participants will be recorded and further violation will result in permanent removal from all future raffles and other events from Faded Labs at our sole discretion.

Payment email and name MUST match this form or you will be disqualified.

Invoice payment billing and shipping address MUST match or you will be disqualified.


Shipping & Handling Notice

We strive to ship within 1-2 business days, however you may be notified if there is a delay in shipping.

Faded Labs Rights

We strive to deliver the best possible experience, however we also recognize that not everyone can be happy with their purchase all of the time.

We reserve the right to accept and process returns on a case-by-case basis.

  • Return shipping to be paid by requesting party.
  • Refund will be processed within 5 business days of receiving returned item.
  • If the item returned is not original and verifiable the refund will be voided.

We reserve the right to remove the ability for anyone to participate in our releases at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to update these terms at any time. If you wish to be notified of a terms change, please join our mailing list below.